Anti money laundering Suite

Innovative solution with advanced artificial intelligence

Next Gen monitoring

Based on award winning matching engine, we have built a robust integrated solution for all your AML needs, starting from the client on-boarding process, to monitoring transactions till linkage and cluster analysis.

  • High Tech Name Screening
  • Swift Screening
  • Transaction Monitoring.
  • Risk Monitoring.
  • Linkage Analysis

High Tech name Screening.

Screen your customer vs all watch-lists and ensure updates on both sides are cleared using Fuzzy, phonetic, nickname, initials, Arabic and much more variations...

Swift Filtering

Create business rules specific for each correspondent bank requirements, detect all fields within the message, advanced joint accounts filtering and much more.

Linkage Analysis.

detect clusters of customer transactions, and quickly identify the money flow.

Risk Module

Build your risk matrix within few minutes with minimal user skills.

Artificial intelligence

Utilize latest technologies in reducing false positives and identifying cases that cannot be detected with conventional profile or scenario based methods.


Ad-hoc regulatory reporting tools and dynamic user set dashboard.

  • Who we areThere are many AML system in the market sharing the same how and what but our partners work with us for our why and our who The fabric of our culture is creating innovative solutions that help our partners make optimal decisions through better data capture and analysis. Our solutions are based on an Award winning matching technology and leverage further by employing Artificial intelligence.

  • Company Foundation are a Fin-tech company founded in Lebanon year 2017 with strategic alliance with Progonosys , located in Cyprus, since 2004 with more than 25 clients in the banking sector. Our young dynamic board contains the main ingredients for a successful startup, covering and combining the AML business and the technology trends.

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